Empty or “Fill Your House for Free”!

14 Aug 2013

When we started working on our Fulham project a few months ago we decided that instead of just filling skips with all the bits that weren’t required any more we would try to dispose of them using other means as well. If you have ever carried out any building work you will know that skips and the permits they require can mount up considerably. It is worth considering that giving away items not only saves on the costs of skips and the environment, but gives you the pleasure of helping others benefiting from “Fill Your House for Free“.

With the cooperation of a like minded building contractor (www.hemsted.co.uk), we started by listing out all the items that weren’t required, taking photos and measurements and writing up descriptions. eBay was the first port of call. If we could get some money for it then that was worth a try. Honestly though I think you have to be pretty lucky to make much money on selling second hand household items on eBay. It is time consuming and arranging for the collections feels like it takes weeks.

The bath collected in Episode 4 of Fill Your House for Free Items that didn’t sell on eBay we decided to advertise on one of the freecycling websites (www.freecycle.org). There is something much more satisfying about freecycling. There are of course people that scour the freecycling websites to pick up bargains to then sell on… but there are also plenty of people that can genuinely benefit from a free sofa, table, chair… or even kitchen, bath etc. Best of all their gratitude is clearly visible. The kitchen went pretty quickly. Despite telling the lucky recipient multiple times that they wouldn’t fit the kitchen into their estate car, they turned up and looked surprised when the volume of items confirmed my recommendation that they bring a large van!

The Vanity Unit featured in episode 4 of Fill Your House for Free It was our advert for a bath that caught the eye of Kirstie Allsopp and her producers that were filming “Fill Your House for Free“. With the promise that it would go to someone in need of a bath tub, we were happy to offer it to them. Before we knew it the film crew and Kirstie were on site collecting the bath and an unwanted basin and vanity unit. Andie did a great job of showing Kirstie around and here is a photo that we managed to snap before the crew headed off to their next destination.

Andie Haycock with Kirstie Allsopp as featured in episode 4 of Fill Your House for Free So next time you are thinking about throwing something out, why not think again? Can you make it into something else? There are many incredibly creative ideas demonstrated on the programme. If you can’t sell it or don’t want to then why not help the environment and make someone else’s day by giving it away. One man’s rubbish is another’s treasure after all!


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