Sourcing Furniture and Furnishings for Care Home Interiors

31 Oct 2013

Furnishings in care homes have to meet many requirements. They need to create a homely atmosphere for residents, but they also need to offer durability and functionality. Plus they need to allow room for a sense of individuality, while appealing to most. 

At Thomas Haycock we are skilled at sourcing furniture and furnishings that offer the required functionality without compromising on quality or appearance. Plus we are adept at balancing the fine line between sourcing for most while allowing room for different needs and personalities to be met and expressed.

From easy clean wallpaper to light-resistant curtains, from non-slip flooring to robust yet attractive sanitary ware, we will source the furnishings you need at the price you want to pay.

Contact Claire or Andie to discuss how Thomas Haycock can help you source your interior furnishings.

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Meeting Interior Design Compliance Within The Care Home Industry

31 Oct 2013

As a care home provider, you know all about of the enormous amount of regulation governing your business. So you need interior designers who are also aware of the compliance restrictions you face and who will make sure you get it right from the start.

At Thomas Haycock, we have a keen understanding of the relevant legislation as it applies to the care sector, including the guidance outlined in the Care Home Act 2000, the Disability Discrimination Act Regulations and the Care Quality Commissions regulations. We will make sure your custom-build or refurbishment meets regulatory requirements and complies with the Housing Corporation’s Scheme Development Standards. Plus we keep abreast of best-practise benchmarks and can advise on the appropriate solutions to meet Health and Safety and security considerations.

We understand there is no room for compromise with compliance. So we make sure it is factored into every step of our design process.

Contact Claire or Andie to discuss how Thomas Haycock can help you meet your compliance obligations.

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Thomas Haycock Interior Design

Creating A Home From Home: The Challenge of Interior Design for Care Home

31 Oct 2013

Your care home is both a business and a home. You want an environment that is welcoming for your residents. But you need design and furnishings that will last. Thomas Haycock can help.

We source from a wide range of contract suppliers to provide a “home feel” with contract quality durability and to the level of budget agreed. We can source flooring, wall coverings, fabrics, furniture, curtains and blinds, lighting, signage, tableware, sanitary ware... You name it, we can source it! 

We develop schemes that are design-led yet functionality driven, to ensure that the most appropriate materials are used for each specific purpose. Plus we ensure full compliance with industry and legislative regulations.

  • You will love the easy clean, robust sanitary ware, non-slip flooring and durable, cost-efficient wall coverings that we source for the bathrooms; your residents will love the clean lines and sparkling surfaces.

  • You will love the washable, scrubbable wallpaper and washable, light- resistant curtain material we source for the bedrooms; your residents will love their welcoming rooms that give them a sense of individual privacy.

  • You will love our industry knowledge and that all the materials and products specified are the most up-to-date and appropriate; your residents will love the furnishings that look and feel great

  • You will love our optional maintenance contract that helps you keep on top of wear and tear of furnishing and fittings in a cost-effective way; your residents will love that their rooms and communal spaces continue to look and feel loved long after the builders have left.

Balancing the needs between the home and the business is what we excel at.

Contact Claire or Andie to discuss how Thomas Haycock can help make your care environment a home.

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Thomas Haycock Interior Design

Delivering Effective Space Planning In Care Home Interiors

31 Oct 2013

A care home is a home and a business. Effective space planning is crucial to provide the sense of belonging and welcome for the residents, while ensuring the business operates as efficiently as possible and provides a great first impression for visitors and prospective residents.

At Thomas Haycock, we can advise on space planning at any stage of the process, but we love being involved from the early stages of a custom-build or renovation project to ensure all the spaces are optimally designed and appropriately linked. 

Our space planning will help provide a link with the outside world to encourage interaction and activity, while also improving the sense of security as you progress from reception to the communal areas and the private rooms. Our space planning boosts the sense of community by creating stimulating communal spaces that encourage interaction (the TV shouldn’t always be the focal point!) and providing informal areas for impromptu meetings and chats. Our space planning can reduce running costs, for example by making cleaning easier. And our space planning can improve staff morale and reduce staff turnover by creating a working environment that functions well.

Effective space planning benefits you, your residents and your staff and improves your business’s bottom line.

Contact Claire or Andie to discuss how Thomas Haycock’s space planning service could benefit your business.

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Thomas Haycock Interior Design

Case Study: Creating durable, attractive interior design for an adult mental health charity

31 Oct 2013

Thomas Haycock were asked to develop a comprehensive interior design for a property that is being converted into a mental health care home. Our brief was to put together a decorative and furniture specification for the communal day room and three bed-sit units, each with an en-suite shower room. The specification had to meet suitability of purpose, durability and cost. Plus we had to provide floor plans to demonstrate that the design would work in practise.

The first challenge was to create a colour scheme that is both warm (to create a homely environment) and calming. Referring to colour therapy, we selected a lovely sage green. But for one of the south-facing rooms that enjoys more natural light we chose a warm light blue.

The second challenge was that all the fittings had to be durable. We sourced a floor that would last well and be easy to clean, a feature wallpaper that provides some individuality to the design but can also be washed and scrubbed, and curtain material that is contract grade, being washable with good light fastness.

In the en-suite bathrooms, we designed the layout to optimise functionality and space. We sourced robust wall-hanging sanitary-ware; wall hanging would make cleaning easier, but we had to be sure that it could take weight. And we selected non-slip flooring and cost-efficient wall finishes. 

Finally we sourced the furniture for the communal room and bed-sits. Key to the success of the design was specifying a durable, robust pull-down bed that would make the bed-sits feel bigger during the day.

The result is a durable, warm, welcoming design, to provide a proper home for the residents as they make the transition back to an independent life.

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