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Monday, February 03, 2014

We have recently moved into a new house where we need to change everything to make it into our home. It's an exciting new project and will take time to get it exactly how we want, to express the way we live and work as a family. Although we are going to have to wait a while before we can do any structural alterations, we can start on the simpler things that will make a real difference - things like Curtains, Carpet and Paint colours.

It can be daunting, not knowing where to start, not knowing exactly what you want to achieve in a room, what colours you want, what fabric to choose, what style of carpet……....but fear not, here are some tips to get started on transforming your new home (or even one you have been in for a while)

A light lofty relaxed feel is created in this Designers Guild interior

1) Take a step back. Think of all the places you have been, what makes you happy, is it a smell, a holiday picture, a piece of art, pictures from magazines (not necessarily interiors related). Collate a pile of images and words of all these bits and bobs and look to see if there is an underlying theme - a colour perhaps?

2) Think about the mood and overall feel you are trying to achieve (which you may also glean from the images bits and bobs) - do you want calming and relaxing (blues and greens) stimulating (bright and bold colours) glamorous (metallic greys, darks etc) ? This can also help with fabric choices (e.g. silk is glamorous, Linen is more relaxed etc)

3) Collect samples of fabrics you like, put them with paint colours you like to make sure the scheme will work as a whole - whittle down to a final selection and you should have a comprehensive scheme.

If this still all seems too daunting still - we are of course here to help

One of the services we provide is curtain making. If you are struggling with knowing what fabrics and style of curtain would work in your home, we give expert advice and provide you with fabric samples to look at in the comfort of your home. If you have odd shaped windows, small windows that need to look larger or even windows that look out onto an unsightly view, we use our professional experience and knowledge to design the best window treatment that will be in keeping with the desired style of the room. The fabric samples we supply are carefully selected following in depth discussions with you - we don't overwhelm you with books and books of fabric to make it even more daunting!

This Interior has a warm, relaxed vibe

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