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Monday, January 20, 2014

What a brilliant way to spend a Sunday, a visit yesterday to the London Art Fair in Islington, to soak up and be inspired by all the talented Artists. It even proved a great place to take children who's eyes were opened to a huge variety of Art.

In and Interior, a piece of art often acts as a starting point for an entire scheme, subtly extracting the colours to pick out fabrics, paint, wallpapers, furniture, accessories etc. The piece of art can also set the mood or tone of the room, for example, this Photograph by Dan Isaac Wallin has an earthy ethereal feel. The beautiful grain of the wooden furniture picks out the texture and colour of the grasses, the soft crumpled grey linen chair cover and grey accessories and wall colour pick out the misty quality, and finally, the dark flooring and seat covers highlight the dark tree trunks and also ground the whole scheme.

Hanging Artwork

There is a real tendency to hang art too high and completely ruin the desired effect. The ideal height is for the centre to be at eye level (but of course we are all different heights) - As a guide, hang your art 145cm from ground level to the centre of the picture. If you use this as a base to hang all your art work you achieve an overall unified look. 

Hanging a collage of pictures is slightly different, in this scenario is is a good idea to cut our brown paper of all the sizes of pictures you want to hang, lay them on the floor to get the order as you want it, then use masking tape to stick the paper to the wall., stand back, take a look and adjust as necessary. use these template to work out where to put in your picture hooks.

London Art Fair

A few of my favourite pieces:

The green tones in this Paper Collage by Casey Ruble look are stunning (Foley Gallery)

I loved The Connor Brothers twist on the Mills & Boon books (Pertwee Anderson & Gold Gallery) comical and gorgeous colours. It would certainly spark a conversation

This Artwork by Oliver Marsden (Vigo Gallery) was so hypnotic, I was completely drawn into the dark centre.

One particular piece that my son was mesmerised by was a film of a man standing against a black background, dressed in a black suit holding a black bucket filled with white paint. He would pour this white paint from chest height into another black bucket on the floor, resulting in huge splashes of white paint everywhere - my son thought it was brilliant!

Look out for the Affordable Art Fair at Battersea 13-16th March - everything is under £4K


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