Interior Design Accessories for Advent

09 Dec 2013

Just think how brilliant it would be to have an advent calendar, where every day you woke up to discover Interior Design Accessories - by that I mean a great gift for the home (ok it would need to be a pretty large advent calendar, but wouldn't it be great….)

As your advent calendars relinquish their chocolate or snowy christmassy scenes, we thought it would be a good idea to do our own version of an advent calendar and offer you a great interior related gift tip each day. I always have a chocolate calendar, but Claire has found some fabulous gift ideas and tweeted them every day for advent  (great if you are stuck for gift ideas for those tricky family members). Last weeks goodies were all based around a wooden theme.

1st December - this iconic wooden monkey by Kay Bojesen is so divine. Sit him perched on some tomes on a bedside table, what a lovely cheeky item to wake up to

2nd December - I love this wooden iPhone radio clock, so retro and so simple, definitely on my christmas list

3rd December - Wooden fruit - I'd love to find one of these in my stocking (as well as the traditional satsuma of course)

4th December - These Bespoke Wooden Map Letters show that the trend for typography is here to stay for a while yet. Stand on a mantlepiece and team with pictures and vases to create an interesting display

5th December - These dark wooden oil pots from India are absolutely stunning and would be just as beautiful as a vessel for flowers (faux or real)

6th December - One for the kiddies, this retro wooden till will give hours of pleasure (just remember the wooden vegetables to play shop)

7th December - The elegant wooden napkin rings are a bargain from John Lewis. Leave as they are with a crisp white napkin and tuck a sprig of sage or rosemary beneath for an aromatic table. 

Let us know if you have found any stylish wooden goodies that you will be giving (or want to receive) this Christmas.

Follow our tweets all this week for glass based inspiration.

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Light up your interior for Christmas

03 Dec 2013

Lighting has always been a bit of an obsession of mine - I don't think I can go on enough about how having the right lighting in a room can transform it from a flat dull lifeless space into a welcoming  and intriguing space where you want to stop, spend time and relax.. With Christmas speedily approaching, it's a brilliant excuse to add more lighting - whether in the form of fairy lights or just more lamps and quirky finds that can be left up all year.

The key to good lighting is to introduce different layers, by that I mean  background lighting, task lighting and feature lighting. It's the feature lighting that you can have the most fun with, either by illuminating individual pieces of artwork, alcoves, flooring etc - or by using the light as art itself.

This gorgeous star by Philip Oakley is a piece of art and adds a warm light, fabulous for a cosy Christmas (although this is definitely one to leave up all year)

This Lightning bolt by Hannah at Love Inc;would look great illuminating a dark hallway. It looks just as good when not lit up, all industrial, blue and rusted.

This giant bow from Rockett St George is great fun for a wall, it turns the whole wall into a giant present!

We are firm believers at Thomas Haycock that you have to have something in your interior that makes you smile, something that's a bit off the wall fun and takes the seriousness out of a professionally designed space. I came across this, it actually made me laugh out loud it's so bonkers! I'm not actually sure I would have it on my wall, but I'm sure someone will if only to spark a conversation.

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Thomas Haycock Latest News

25 Nov 2013

It's been a busy and fun time for us so far on the run up to December. It feels great to do a job you love where it actually doesn't feel like work at all (if that makes sense!)

One such day was Friday. Our major refurbishment project in Fulham has come to an end so organising and doing the photoshoot with Adam Chandler was great fun. Styling for photoshoots to make everything look just right is such a great element of Interior Design, made easier when our client has such fantastic artefacts collected from all over the world. It's really amazing to see a project go from initial ideas through the rubble, red tape and building works to the reality of a unique family home. (A behind the scenes snap gives you a brief glimpse of the professional photos to follow.....)

We have been finalising the design on a large residential project with a luxuriously relaxing french country feel, really muted chalky shades with a few surprises, it will look totally stunning when the building works are finished next year. 

We have also been working on a fun family room, lots of bright pops of colour and texture as well an Edwardian family home with a completely traditional feel. 

We've been out and about quite a bit meeting lots of new suppliers and great contacts through various trade shows and networking events, it's always good to chat to people (I like chatting!)

You may have noticed we have launched our new website, which hopefully gives a better overview of what we do and the services we provide (portfolio pictures will be posted shortly).

To top it off,  we have another photoshoot lined up next week, so the fun can begin again.

I think it's fair to say we love what we do 

Thomas Haycock Interior Design

Autumn Colours in Interior Design

21 Nov 2013

I love this time of year, the autumn colours outside are stunning, especially on a crisp fresh day with a blue sky as a backdrop. The oranges, reds, yellows, fading greens along with the dark damp textured bark on the trees can provide great inspiration for an interior scheme.

On Claire's walkabout last week she came across this stunning sight, which is so bold and bright she had to take a picture, the colours are so striking, they don't actually look real.  

The contrasting colours provide a great starting point to add Autumnal inspired Accessories into a scheme. Use them either with a neutral backdrop or go dark if you dare, to really make the colours zing

From top left - Ercol stacking chair in Red; Gold leaf mirror and Fig tree console by Ginger and Jagger: Cushion by Parris Wakefield Additions; Oscar sofa in cotton velvet; Silhouette Rug by Jaime Hayon for The Rug Company.


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Project Management of a Family Home Redesign for an Overseas Client

01 Nov 2013

We employed Thomas Haycock when we were looking to relocate back to London from Sri Lanka with our four children. We found a slightly tired and dowdy 5-bedroom, mid-terraced Victorian house with planning permission for a rear extension. We needed a well-rounded team we could totally trust to put our vision for our family home into reality, keep to budget, and throw in some creativity and practicalities to bring it all together while we were still in Sri Lanka in time for our return to the UK.

I knew Claire and Andie could spear-head the team to take on this project. We’ve always admired Claire’s style for interiors and we also knew that her meticulous eye for detail (by this, we mean she doesn’t/won’t let ANYTHING slip if she’s on call) would enable us to pull this whole ‘House Beautiful’ project off while we were still living in Sri Lanka.

We met the following day, and true to Claire and Andie’s style, they came with all the documentation on the planning permission, structural drawings, contracts, and other goodies in hand! In that initial meeting we also gave them some general ideas of the look and feel of the house we aimed to achieve. We wanted a ‘neat-and-tidy’, contemporary look that was also functional, textural, and mindfully bold! We’ve always liked a neutral palette as a background, but we also wanted to inject bursts of colour. We had kids now and we didn’t want a place to feel starkly sterile or too minimal, which we were prone to like when we were just a couple. Our years living in Asia had made us more open to bright, jewel-tone colours, and we definitely wanted to bring these colours back with us to London. Once we got to Sri Lanka, we sent Claire and Andie images and photos via email to help them understand what we meant by this. They reverted quickly with their interpretation, which was spot on, and the rest was history!

The entire project from start to finish took a little over five months, and we couldn’t be happier with the results! When you walk into the house, it makes you feel happy because you will see bursts of jeweled-tone colour each corner you turn. However, the palette of colours selected does not overpower or disturb the ambiance of the underlying calm and comforts of home (even if it is a house filled with four children).

Claire and Andie definitely nailed it when we specified that we’d like to integrate our Far East heritage and experiences living abroad into our home. The interior décor throughout the house reflects its own interpretation of ‘chinoiserie chic’. Some of our favourite design features in the house include: the red Chinese-lattice doors in the Master suite that lead into a walk-in closet and en-suite; the pagoda-cherry blossom, hand-painted mural in the girls’ room; the bird-inspired nursery; the concrete Zen garden; the turquoise blue glass in the kitchen cupboard; the light strips under the kitchen island; the Vitamin pendant lights; the wallpapers; the aubergine feature wall in the guest/study…OK, let’s just say the entire house!!! (You can only, truly appreciate it if you are in the house, and that is why I almost never leave).

The client and project team relationship was like a happy marriage infused with shared vision, joint collaboration and open communication. Unfortunately, we are taking a ‘break’ from this relationship for while (though Claire and Andie deserve the time off) with plans to resume our courtship for Phase II. Stay tuned to this channel…

Iris Yamanaka, London

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Sourcing Furniture and Furnishings for Care Home Interiors

31 Oct 2013

Furnishings in care homes have to meet many requirements. They need to create a homely atmosphere for residents, but they also need to offer durability and functionality. Plus they need to allow room for a sense of individuality, while appealing to most. 

At Thomas Haycock we are skilled at sourcing furniture and furnishings that offer the required functionality without compromising on quality or appearance. Plus we are adept at balancing the fine line between sourcing for most while allowing room for different needs and personalities to be met and expressed.

From easy clean wallpaper to light-resistant curtains, from non-slip flooring to robust yet attractive sanitary ware, we will source the furnishings you need at the price you want to pay.

Contact Claire or Andie to discuss how Thomas Haycock can help you source your interior furnishings.

01892 530606 / 07581 176760 / 07557 761315

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Meeting Interior Design Compliance Within The Care Home Industry

31 Oct 2013

As a care home provider, you know all about of the enormous amount of regulation governing your business. So you need interior designers who are also aware of the compliance restrictions you face and who will make sure you get it right from the start.

At Thomas Haycock, we have a keen understanding of the relevant legislation as it applies to the care sector, including the guidance outlined in the Care Home Act 2000, the Disability Discrimination Act Regulations and the Care Quality Commissions regulations. We will make sure your custom-build or refurbishment meets regulatory requirements and complies with the Housing Corporation’s Scheme Development Standards. Plus we keep abreast of best-practise benchmarks and can advise on the appropriate solutions to meet Health and Safety and security considerations.

We understand there is no room for compromise with compliance. So we make sure it is factored into every step of our design process.

Contact Claire or Andie to discuss how Thomas Haycock can help you meet your compliance obligations.

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Creating A Home From Home: The Challenge of Interior Design for Care Home

31 Oct 2013

Your care home is both a business and a home. You want an environment that is welcoming for your residents. But you need design and furnishings that will last. Thomas Haycock can help.

We source from a wide range of contract suppliers to provide a “home feel” with contract quality durability and to the level of budget agreed. We can source flooring, wall coverings, fabrics, furniture, curtains and blinds, lighting, signage, tableware, sanitary ware... You name it, we can source it! 

We develop schemes that are design-led yet functionality driven, to ensure that the most appropriate materials are used for each specific purpose. Plus we ensure full compliance with industry and legislative regulations.

  • You will love the easy clean, robust sanitary ware, non-slip flooring and durable, cost-efficient wall coverings that we source for the bathrooms; your residents will love the clean lines and sparkling surfaces.

  • You will love the washable, scrubbable wallpaper and washable, light- resistant curtain material we source for the bedrooms; your residents will love their welcoming rooms that give them a sense of individual privacy.

  • You will love our industry knowledge and that all the materials and products specified are the most up-to-date and appropriate; your residents will love the furnishings that look and feel great

  • You will love our optional maintenance contract that helps you keep on top of wear and tear of furnishing and fittings in a cost-effective way; your residents will love that their rooms and communal spaces continue to look and feel loved long after the builders have left.

Balancing the needs between the home and the business is what we excel at.

Contact Claire or Andie to discuss how Thomas Haycock can help make your care environment a home.

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Delivering Effective Space Planning In Care Home Interiors

31 Oct 2013

A care home is a home and a business. Effective space planning is crucial to provide the sense of belonging and welcome for the residents, while ensuring the business operates as efficiently as possible and provides a great first impression for visitors and prospective residents.

At Thomas Haycock, we can advise on space planning at any stage of the process, but we love being involved from the early stages of a custom-build or renovation project to ensure all the spaces are optimally designed and appropriately linked. 

Our space planning will help provide a link with the outside world to encourage interaction and activity, while also improving the sense of security as you progress from reception to the communal areas and the private rooms. Our space planning boosts the sense of community by creating stimulating communal spaces that encourage interaction (the TV shouldn’t always be the focal point!) and providing informal areas for impromptu meetings and chats. Our space planning can reduce running costs, for example by making cleaning easier. And our space planning can improve staff morale and reduce staff turnover by creating a working environment that functions well.

Effective space planning benefits you, your residents and your staff and improves your business’s bottom line.

Contact Claire or Andie to discuss how Thomas Haycock’s space planning service could benefit your business.

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Designing Your Perfect Care Home Together: A Collaborative Approach

31 Oct 2013

A care home needs to be a home above all else. Without a sense of home, the care is undermined. So at Thomas Haycock, we create care environments that residents are happy to call home.

The starting point is great design. With formal training and years of experience, we have the skills and aptitude to provide great design that will create an environment that is a pleasure to live in. We create interiors that are modern, comfortable, refreshing and uplifting, and provide a sense of identity and belonging. We apply our expertise to craft welcoming communal areas that encourage interaction, inviting individual spaces, contrasting colours to help with way-finding and orientation, good lighting and acoustic factoring to help with background noise.

But we are proud to say that we don’t have all the answers. You know your business and the needs of your residents better than anyone. And your residents know what makes them feel comfortable, what they find welcoming, the little touches that make them feel that they belong.

So we work with you and your residents to understand what you and they want from the design and involve you throughout the design process. And together we create a care environment that is warm and inviting. An environment that improves the quality of life for your residents. An environment that creates a great first impression and a lasting welcome for visitors and residents, current and future, to ensure the popularity of your home.

But above all, an environment that feels like home.

Contact Claire or Andie to discuss how Thomas Haycock can help make your care environment a home.

01892 530606 / 07581 176760 / 07557 761315

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