"Outdoor" Wet Room

02 Mar 2012

When I went to India 5 years ago, my husband and I travelled around and stayed in some spectacular boutique hotels. One of the things that really stuck in my mind was the bathrooms that were outside in among the tropical trees, with uninterrupted views of the sky. When we renovated our house I tried to recreate this feel in our shower room. Originally this was a small bathroom with a tiny bath located up in the eaves. We built a dormer and immediately doubled the volume of the room. I was insistent that there be a skylight so you could shower and look up to the sky. You can see that in this photo (a huge blast of light). A second window provides additional light and ventilation. The first thing you notice when you walk into this bathroom is the flooring. I chose some stunning pebble flooring (supplied on a matting making it easier to lay, but still a bit of a pain to grout!). The pebbles flow through into the shower area, which covers a wet room installation. I love the feel of the pebbles massaging your feet as you walk across them.

Outdoor Wet Room - creating original interiors

The shower head is ceiling hung and pretty large (300mm x 300mm). You get drenched from above as if it were raining. A minimal shower screen prevents splash onto the toilet but still means that you get a good sense of space when you shower. I found the stone bowl at a show I went to. It looks like it is carved out of a huge piece of rock; probably because it is! My carpenter built the console to my design and I stained the oak with a grey varnish to make is slightly darker. An antique mirror is hung above the basin, installed with a heat pad behind to help clear shower mist. You can’t see it, but to the right the wall is covered in a huge photographic wallpaper of a rainforest in Australia. I will show that in another post! 

A bathroom is not all about beauty and there are a couple of functional elements that are cleverly hidden from view in this photo. One is a big cupboard that contains a huge Megaflo system. This provides hot water to the whole house and means that you can turn on any or all taps at the same time without the pressure or heat being impacted. Wonderful! The second is a wonderfully practical cupboard that houses the washing machine and tumble dryer along with spare towels and washing powders etc. It’s fantastic having the washing out of the kitchen; something more people should think about.

I love my shower room and it certainly provides a treat for house guests.


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