Top tips for Designing Long Corridors

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

There are always tricky spaces in Interior Design, one of which is the long corridor. Whether it is in a home or an hotel, getting it right is key as it forms the crucial transitional space from one area to another - it needs to be designed as a 'room' in it's own right. The key is to create focal points to draw the eye away from the length of the space. To help get it right, follow these tips:

1) Create a feature at the end of the corridor - this gives a focal point, something to aim for that draws the eye forward 

2) Play with scale and perspective - e.g. Paint wide vertical stripes to offset the expanse of long horizontal lines found in a corridor or try something completely different like this fabulous light installation - you can also achieve this with coloured tape or paint in a lighter space 

3) Break up the expanse of wall with evenly placed artwork (to give a rhythm to the space, giving the feeling of progression) alternatively, pepper the walls with artwork (but ensure you keep the frames identical, or the artwork similar - e.g. all black and white)

4) Create a feature of the floor by washing with lighting - this can create a stunning effect

5) Hang numerous statement pendant lights to create a feature of the ceiling - either hang in a simple line or randomly place at different heights

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